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What Would Black People Do?

“How Not To Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People” touches on all the comments, advice and propaganda that make black people 😒🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ say GTFOH. In the book Hughley cites all the ways black people have been harassed, beaten and even killed at the hands of police. D. L. then shoots off all the advice given from mainstream and social media from comply down to a dress code. Because only in America is it acceptable to hunt someone down based on their fashion choices. The crazy thing about that is we’ve seen Zuckerberg in more hoodies than anyone. And you can bet that last piece of Popeyes Chicken that if you shoot him down like a dog in the street you won’t be able to sell the gun for $250,000 because people in prison can’t sell you shit but arts and crafts.

How Not To Get Shot feels like James Evans Sr. and Michael Evans of “Good Times” got together and wrote a book. It gives you statistics based on research, historical context and a straight no chaser delivery that provides a wake up call to everyone who blames the victim. There’s even a chapter where Hughley talks about white people dying at alarming rates from drug overdoses and suicide. Then Hughley asks the question: What would black people do? Our answer is that we laugh to keep from crying. Rich folks go to psychiatrists. Poor folks go to comedy clubs. It’s the cheapest form of therapy around.

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