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What happened to the village?

We used to take care of each other, what happened? The measure of a great society is how well we take care of our kids and our elders and we are failing miserably. We invaded an entire region because of weapons of mass destruction. We are now allowing our village to be slaughtered in school, churches and movie theaters? And for what? Record profits by gun manufacturers. What value do guns have if there is no one left to protect?

When Emma Gonzalez gave her speech on gun violence, she called BS on everything. She exposed every NRA talking point against gun legislation flawlessly. Emma even called out politicians bought by the National Rifle Association. The pain and grief pierced not only everyone in the crowd but also anyone listening to the CNN coverage from home.

Calling or writing Congress is no longer enough. Angrily tweeting or posting the issues is no longer enough. It is up to us to elect candidates that represent our values. If you can save someone from drowning and choose not to, you’re no better than the person who pushed them in.

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