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Welcome to Wakanda

***Spoiler Alert***

Black Panther is quite possibly the blackest movie created, ever. If you’re still sleep after seeing this movie, you’re gonna need life support. We have all heard the term third world country. This movie flips that term on its head making you wonder how many extraordinary places you are missing out on because of propaganda. You will see the contrast of a strong black prepared man who was raised by his father and an angry black man who was abandoned by his community after losing his father.

From a comic geek perspective we have no idea if the movie aligns with the comic books. Low key, to us, it doesn’t even matter at all (like Lauryn Hill and D’angelo). The fight scene choreography is fearless. The special effects are out of this world. And the hologram game is on pizoint.

We were ready for this movie. There was so much packed into it that it took another hour to digest it all. Flashbacks to Oakland, California 1992, visiting dead dads in ritual ceremonies to be king, rising from the dead like a biblical figure, black women soldiers and putting colonizers on blast. This movie was James Bond, The Lion King and Coming to America rolled into one. And if all of that wasn’t enough they hit us with a This Is Us Cry!

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