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We changed the game and they never knew our name

We are the little known group of kids born in the late 70’s to early 80s. Too old to be a millennial, too young to be a part of generation x. We are the last group of kids that were disciplined in public schools. I still remember my first grade teachers magic wand: 5 wooden rulers banded together. One wack with that thing and you immediately stfu.

We are the bridge generation and we changed the game. We grew up in ever changing times. Still trying to hold on to our community while it was being torn apart by the crack epidemic. The Elders saved us. More than half of my friends growing up, were raised by their grandparents.

We learned on computers before dial up existed. The whole dang computer could go haywire if you turned it off wrong. We were the kids who stayed up all night playing video games trying to reach the next level. If there was something we wanted to accomplish we found a way to make it happen even if the timeframe seemed ridiculous. It took hours to download movies and music. We had a strange mix of persistence and patience as teenagers.

Now in our late 30’s it’s time to get back to basics. We need to remember there would be no ITunes without Napster, no Facebook without MySpace and no Google without Netscape or Yahoo. Yes ladies and gentlemen I took it back to Netscape, don’t judge me. We have come a very long way and have a great many more things to accomplish.

We are living in a really strange climate here in America. The age of Trump. It is distraction politics. The media coverage is fractured. Every network having their own definition of what they consider a fact. Truth is Trump is ratings gold because he is provocative. People either love him or love to hate him.

It is up to the bridge generation to remember what the elders taught us. Don’t believe everything you hear and half of what you see. Everything and everyone are not who they appear to be. We have the ability to turn the me generation into the we generation. We can go far together or go fast alone. It’s time to rage against the machine and rebuild the dream.


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