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#Blacklivesmatter is not just a battle cry or a call to action, it’s a threat to a segregated second class society. America, built on the backs of black slaves and indentured servant immigrants, never intended to change its design. The States cannot be United as long as they are divided. Somewhere we read that blonde hair and blue eyes were the standard of beauty. Somewhere we read that black people moving next door brings down property values. Somewhere we read that native people were savages. Somewhere we read that Mexicans were murderers and rapists. Somewhere in a classroom Black-Americans, Native-Americans, Mexican-Americans and PuertoRican-Americans are opening a book where their history is missing. If the writers of history erase our accomplishments they can convince us what we read is true. It’s time to question everything we were taught not to question and find all the hidden figures that were erased from our textbooks.

We are in the midst of a modern day movement; here’s a look at some of the change makers. We start in Sacramento, California the jurisdiction where District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert failed to charge officers for the murder of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man caught in a hail of gunfire who bled out and died in his grandmother’s backyard. Following the egregious decision, a group of college students protested the unjust laws facilitating police killings and officials that fail to hold cops accountable for their atrocities, they are the #arden13. Their protest lead to the closure of Arden Fair Mall for one day, the estimated loss of revenue for the closure is over 1.3 million dollars. Just days later Kevin Boltz addressed the Sacramento City Council, he spoke of police harassing, brutalizing, and ultimately arresting 84 peaceful demonstrators. Toward the end of his words he asks the question “Why should they be peaceful the next time?” Last but certainly not least you will find State Senator Stephanie Flowers in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She dared to be “the angry black woman” who refused to be silent in a time when speaking up matters. She spoke of open carry, The NRA lobby, living in fear for herself, her son and for black children in this country. Flowers was instrumental in defeating stand your ground senate bill 484, the measure failed in committee by just a single vote.

Whether we are white as a lily or black as a vanilla bean or somewhere in between we have a responsibility to one another as human beings. Who we support on city levels, state levels and national levels matter. Internment camps, residential schools, mass incarceration and I.C.E. are what happens when people turn a blind eye because it does not affect them. Imagine Ferguson flipped. What if a white Mike Brown was shot down by black police officers and his body was left in the street for hours to terrorize a predominantly white Birmingham, Michigan? What if it continued to happened all over the country and every time the media tried to smear the slain? They would shutdown the government and make us say his name.

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