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Black men are taught from a very young age not to cry. They are held at a higher standard, many becoming the man of the house before the age of 10. Their personal traumas and fears often buried by an overwhelming sense of obligation. The thing about integrity and duty is . . . it can get you killed.

Joshua Brown, former football player and alumn of Southern Florida University, was executed in his apartment parking lot just days after helping Dallas Prosecutors secure a conviction against former DPD officer Amber Guyger.  He suffered multiple gunshot wounds according to several witnesses. The initial social media post by attorney Lee Merritt stated according to the medical examiner Brown was wounded in the mouth and the chest. Due to conflicting eyewitness accounts family representatives are awaiting conclusive autopsy results.

Corruption in the Dallas Police Department may run a lot deeper than many living outside of Texas could ever imagine. The prosecution in the Guyger case led many to believe that law enforcement covered up and possibly tampered with evidence. It was reported late January and early February by multiple publications including ABC News that the woman who recorded and posted the aftermath of Botham Jean’s murder received death threats and harassment that resulted in termination of her employment.

Blue walls protect and promote classism, racism, and the notion that a badge shields you from consequences when you break the law. Amber Guyger directly caused the death of one black man, but by failing to take full responsibility and punishment she may have inadvertently contributed to the death of another. Do we trust anyone in Texas Law Enforcement to properly investigate this case?

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