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The Wall


Before the Berlin Wall was erected 3.5 million East Germans fled to West Germany. Many taking the route through Berlin. They left for better opportunities, better jobs and more food. In short, they wanted their kids to have a better life.

The Wall of Shame (as it was sometimes called) divided an entire community. Imagine building an 11 ft wall down Woodward from Jefferson to 8 Mile in the city of Detroit. Now picture armed guards protecting the border with military force. That was Berlin from 1961 to about 1989.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. People escaped East Germany by stowing away in cars, crawling through tunnels and even sewers. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of people who have nothing to lose.

It took a revolution to tear down their wall. As Americans we must work together to make sure the wall mentioned in campaign rhetoric and propaganda never materializes. In this picture from Google Images you see young people who’ve come together for a common cause. We must fight for the country we want America to be.


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