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The Subliminal Perennial

After three decades as a member of The Legendary Roots Crew Black Thought (Tariq Trotter) teams up with Producers 9th Wonder and Khrysis of The Soul Council to bring us Streams Of Thought Vol. 1. The EP limited to 5 tracks hurdles above full length albums with effortless flow, incorporating lyrics scripted with precision and perfect measure. After being planted with deep roots in the 80’s each year Trotter reinvents and revolutionizes the game with no need for refrain.

Streams of Thought Vol. 1 is sonically superior delivering beats and rhymes that will bless your life. The project manages to teleport us into the mind of a mystical wallflower after being thrust into the spotlight following a 10 minute lyrical fitness session on hot 97. Notable Lines: “Who the technical culprit? I don’t mess with no vultures. I’m electrical voltage, not the regular dosage.” Song: Twofifteen| “I’m not a typical arrogant American. Known prescribed medicine, I’m sick as I ever been. Rolling out of the dealership in a McLaren. These rappers is Peter Pan. I’m Pan African.” Song: 9th vs. Thought | “Where I reside is the dark side of the glory. The fury I manipulate is the arc of the story. Written without a ghostwriter to author it for me. This is crime and punishment. I’m the judge and the jury.” Song: Dostoyevsky | Long story short, The talented Mr. Trotter makes us wanna burn our notebook.

Before writing this review we had a chance to catch Black Thoughts NPR interview with Rodney Carmichael. In the interview it’s revealed that he lost both parents tragically before the age of 18. It always struck us how much The Roots MC seemed wise beyond his years. It never occurred to us that it was because he was faced with the very real possibility of falling apart or transcending tragedy. Tariq is the seed who made it against all odds, losing his fruit in the midst of growing roots. The clouds part to expose a beautiful sky with two stars beaming brightly just for Black. Thank you for raising the bar!

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