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The Prince Paradigm

Prince – Sexy Mother F***** is the 2018 Prince documentary by German director Oliver Schwabe. It’s the documentary we never knew we needed. Shwabe captures stories from Sheila E., André Cymone, Sonny Thompson, Jürgen Reisch, Nik West, Prince and More. This work is a glimpse into the mind of a musical genius.

Prince Rogers Nelson was a brilliant and beautiful contradiction. Not too masculine or too feminine. Wild and free yet always in control. Somehow he was authentically Prince while surrounding himself with a revolving cast of talented musicians. Spontaneous enough to record a song in one live take yet calculated enough to create a massive vault of unreleased material. Pulling from the past but simultaneously creating a futuristic sound. Simply put he immersed us in a world where nothing was impossible.

Prince was a rebel and a revolutionary. While in contract disputes with his label he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol and released one of our favorite Prince albums to date “Emancipation”. The man created his own state of the art studio and was the first A list artist in our memory who circumvented conventional distribution channels by selling his cd “The Rainbow Children” (2001) directly to consumers and record stores. And he accomplished it all without the assistance of social media.

If it’s not glaringly apparent by now Prince was magic to us. This documentary let us relive it for nearly a full hour and we are grateful. Our one regret about “The Artist” is that we never got to see him in concert. He had a pop up in Detroit at The Fox and the tickets sold out in like 17 minutes. That is exactly why doves cry. Our favorite televised event remains Prince’s Purple Rain Super Bowl performance in the rain. Thanks for the artistry, the lessons and for showing us that just because it’s improbable doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

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