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The Detroit Movie Is Lit and All That S#¡t

Ladies and Gentlemen, to paraphrase Chappelle, Man the f^(k up or you're not going to make it through this movie. Roughly the first half hour of the film you would've thought that it was produced by Fox News, I bullshit you not*. When an officer is questioned by a superior about shooting a black man in the back, you quickly realize this is not your racist granddaddy's movie.

If you have a weak bladder you're out. The run time is nearly 2.5 hrs not including previews. If you have two drinks 🍹 or one big gulp type drink you're not gonna make it to the confession. Had a coke and some water and took an L straight to the ladies room.

Algee Smith, John Boyega and Will Poulter deliver powerful performances. Poulter in particular (with eyebrows on fleek) played a racist like his granddaddy was a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

If Get Out is a woke horror film, Detroit is it's not too distant cousin. It had suspense, blood, gore, blood curdling screams and yes even the woods. Katherine Bigelow was deliberate and present enough to challenge media bias, putting the victim on trial, police brutality and the danger of putting a killer cop back out on the streets.

As I close this post out after finishing my chili cheese fries (A Detroit Staple), I give Detroit a 4/5 🔥🔥🔥🔥 fire rating. Bigelow took huge risks tackling a highly volatile subject that continues to fracture The Detroit Metropolitan Area today. If you're looking for a more in-depth look at the 1967 riots we recommend the documentary 12th and Clairmount as we can assure you the #DetroitMovie is not the Selma Remix. All in all I was pleasantly surprised by the intentional parallels drawn between 1967 and 2017. Mentioning Ohio and toy guns multiple times in the film was not lost on us.

*90's Detroit slang for I'm not lying 🤥


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