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The 21st Night Of September

This past Friday J. Cole headlined Little Caesars Arena in Detroit and brought Jaden Smith and Young Thug along for the ride. If you’re trying to influence people to make better choices why not showcase artists that speak to the pain. Jaden Smith is best known for the hit single Icon but in contrast the Syre album, released just last year, has elements of insecurity, drug use and dark thoughts. Smith’s album reminds us of a young Kurt Cobain. Young Thug, best known for high energy collaborations with Future, Migos and Camila Cabello, evokes thoughts of T Pain meets Lil Wayne.

Both young rappers are rising stars in music though this past Friday they had something very unfortunate in common. The sound for both artists was trash ranging from distorted to dangerous. You can’t expand your fan base if no one can hear you. Young Jaden overcompensated by trying to yell over the garbled sound while working the stage and even stepping into the stands to rock with the people. Young Thug’s music was so loud, you couldn’t hear his performance or his fans singing back to him. One more concert like that and Young Thug will be a member of So So Deaf ’cause he ain’t gon’ be able to hear shit. Message to all the new artists trying to build your brand, audio engineers matter and so does soundcheck. The hearing you save may be your own.

What can we say about Jermaine “The Brain” Cole? Cole was the conductor and the engaged audience was his choir. Some crowd members broadcasted beautiful melodies others rapped entire verses at the top of their lungs. It felt like being an extra in a movie where Denzel was the director. Cole’s energy was high voltage and like a magnet we were drawn to the electricity. It’s like he’s introverted enough to close himself off from a cold world to write intricate stories that compel you to look at life through a different lens, but extroverted enough to perform the work with soul and artistry in front of complete strangers. If you haven’t listened to the K.O.D. Album, from concept to rollout to social importance, you are sleeping on our album of the year!

We’ll leave you with one of our favorite moments of the night. We will always remember “The 21st Night of September”!

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