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Sprinkle Some Black On It

With Season 2 of Insecure premiering tonight and the movie Girls Trip we are overdosing on black girl magic and loving it. The writing and direction on both projects is smart, honest and straight fire 🔥 comically.

Season 1 of Insecure actually explored both sides of a stagnant relationship. Issa and Lawrence are in their late twenties. They are not where they want to be professionally, stuck in a rut personally, then Daniel (Issa’s old flame) pops up one day on social media. A flirty night in the club turns into Daniel banging Issa’s back out in the recording booth. Lawrence finds out and they break up. Issa goes to meet Lawrence trying to get back. Issa takes the L crying on the couch as Lawrence stands her up to smash the girl from the mall that had been flirting with him. Season 2 premieres tonight on HBO. The new season picks up 3 months after the break up. Will you be #TeamLawrence or #TeamIssa?

Girls Trip is the funniest buddy comedy ever (no qualifier needed). Everyone has that one friend with no filter, who keeps you laughing and is the life of the party. Tiffany Haddish is that friend. In one of her interviews I remember her saying 90% of her ad libs made it to screen. She has a long career awaiting her both as a scene stealer and a comedy writer. The movie as a whole has stunning visuals, male nudity including full frontal and a sequence involving a green drink called absinthe that induces hallucinations. All that and they still had time to pay homage to Set It Off. Keeping with the tradition of movies like The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday Malcolm D. Lee gets everything right. Girls Trip is a certified classic. You will laugh until you cry😂.

We’ve been sprinkled with black girl magic fairy dust this weekend. The resurgence of black television and cinema is in full effect. Like Rakim said, “It’s been a long time.” WELCOME BACK!!!


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