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Smart, Funny and Ready To Kick Your Ass Across 8 Mile

Full disclosure, we’ve been following Amanda Seales IG, Instastories and all for about a year now. Lately there has been a ridiculous number of stories about black people being targeted for living while black. So when we went to the comedian/ actress/ hip-hop historian’s Smart Funny & Black show we didn’t expect to hear one affecting the comedian herself. Amanda opened up the show by saying she thought she was coming to Detroit and not racist-ass Ferndale then proceeded to thank a nearly all black audience for showing up. Seales went on to talk about her team being treated poorly by the staff at The Magic Bag, demanded respect, then proceeded to channel Betty Davis with a death stare. We captured most of the nearly two minute read in the video below.

Smart Funny & Black is the nearly hour long show where two contestants compete for the highly coveted title of Master Blackspert. It is part game show, part history lesson, part singalong. We caught the first of two sold out shows. SF&B is high energy, funny and positively soulful.

Amanda continues her Lituation 101 Tour tomorrow in Chicago. The nearly sold out tour as of this morning has limited tickets in St. Louis, MO, NOLA and Houston, TX.

As kids growing up in the Detroit Public School system we took for granted how blessed we were to grow up with black teachers who cared enough to correct our grammar, call us on our shit and teach us a lot of the things that were purposefully omitted from textbooks. The brave and bold Amanda Seales not only exemplifies that spirit, she has the ability to affect change worldwide.

For all of the non-black folks that follow our page, know that we are not a complicated people. Others will have you believing the stereotype of the angry black man or the angry black woman. When in reality most of us live by the creed “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.”

We’ll leave you with a video that captured the spirit of the night. Lift Every Voice And Sing!

Update: The NOLA shows are sold out.

Update: Both Houston, TX shows are sold out.

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