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Slaughter House Rule: Crisis in Sudan

By now you’ve probably seen the grayish-blue profile pictures making the rounds on social media. The crisis in Sudan is a modern day tragedy that will bring you to tears. “Rape, Murder, it’s just a shot away” are not just lyrics to a Rolling Stones song, but the harsh reality of citizens that have seen their families separated and destroyed by relentless violence.

Mass protests erupted against the Sudanese government in December 2018 when inflation hit a staggering 72 percent. The president, Omar al-Bashir, was ousted in April 2019 after thirty years in control via military coup, the same way he originally ascended to power.

Imagine rising up in a place where your words can get you killed. Imagine long lines for gas, intermittent power outages, ATMs with no cash, and when you find one with money only being able to withdraw $45 a day from your account. Now combine that with corrupt military forces robbing, raping, and killing its own citizens. Kinda makes our “Commander In Tweets” look like “Dennis the Menace”.

June 3rd, 2019 in a military raid using machine guns and whips both men and women were raped and nearly 120 protesters were murdered after demanding power to the people. According to multiple news outlets 40 bodies were thrown into The Nile River. The government has since shut down both internet and landline phone service to mute the revolution and disable the spread of information outside of Sudan.

We are all connected in this world. We speak for the ones with silent screams with bellys only full in dreams. Your fight is not in vain. We hear, see, and feel your pain.

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