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Show Me Your Papers

You’ve lived here your entire life. You got up early on Saturdays to watch morning cartoons.You played little league baseball. You went trick or treating on Halloween and when you were too old, stayed in to pass candy out to the little ones. Then one day you fill out a job application or an application for college and find out all the liberties the teacher talked about in class don’t apply to you. DACA was created to give kids raised in America but not born here a chance when congress failed to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. The program gave kids the ability to live and work without fear of deportation.

September 5th 2017 President Donald Trump announced he is ending DACA. We are talking about 800,000 people. Ending the program doesn’t mean deporting everyone. For many it means living in the shadows, working under the table and moving in silence. Essentially keeping these kids a part of the permanent underclass that supports capitalism and the oligarchy America has become.

Is this who we are? Are we going to remain silent while families are ripped apart? How can an entire nation built on the backs of slaves and immigrants remain apathetic?

Six years ago on a segment of the Rachel Maddow Show, Goldie Taylor spoke of her grandmother’s great-grandfather (a black man). He was stopped by a police officer, the policeman said “Show me your papers.” Unable to provide identification, this man was thrown in jail despite committing no crime, beaten until bruised and bloody and remained locked up for over 20 days. It wasn’t until his boss (a white man) vouched for him that he was released.

It is our responsibility to fight against injustice even when the persecuted do not look like us. It’s in every bone and muscle that we walk with everyday, we got royalty and loyalty inside our DNA. Shout out to K. Lamar!

#BreakEveryChain #GlbalizationNation

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