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#Shether Distrack by Remy Ma


Haven’t seen a distrack by woman or man garner this much attention since Tupac Shakur’s Hit ’em Up. That notorious track starts off…”First off f%#k yo’ b!#*h and the click you claim.” Referencing the late great Notorious B.I.G. Never seen a girl go this hard on a distrack with topics including botched implants, doing cocaine and sleeping her way to the top. Remy dropped more names than raining dollars at a strip club. Near the end of the nearly 7 minute track you hear…”You just got bodied by a Love and Hip Hop Bitch.” Nicki Minaj is backed into a corner. Will she come out swinging or go down for the count? The internet has officially lost it’s mind over this one. So raise your glass to Remy and whoever made this mock obituary of Nicki Minaj’s career. Your internet marketing game is bananas!!!


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