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Screwed Dirty Computers Living A Crazy, Classic, Life

Dirty Computer Janelle Monáe’s third studio album cuts deep exposing a vulnerable, confident, empowering and soulful android. It’s the kind of album that will make people sitting in a traffic jam get out of their cars and dance. D.C. is a love letter to the distressed, dismissed, and marginalized. This project emanates everlasting love and light.

Monáe astonishingly channels legend Prince Rogers Nelson. With style and imagination she delivers a mind-blowing tribute to the music icon in the form of a classic album. The song “So Afraid” gives life with lyrics like “I’m a gift and a curse to the wilderness when the leaves only turn to brown/ The birds fly high and they wink at all of the grandmothers on the ground.” The haunting psychedelic folk rock ballad feels like falling into a pool of purple tears. “I got the juice” with Pharrell is unapologetically sexual with African/Caribbean vibes and lines like “If you try to grab my pussycat, this pussy grab you back/ This pussy grab you back and give you pussy cataracts.” Be careful with the soulful track “Don’t Judge Me”. Straight baby making music right here. She says “I know I got issues but they drown when I kiss you.” In “Crazy, Classic, Life” you hear the words ” Young black wild and free, naked in a limousine/ Riding through the hood real slow, I love it when I smell the trees”. This uptempo track seamlessly merges the sound from two eras of Prince, think Wendy and Lisa meets The New Power Generation. Goals is to watch her perform this album live in Minneapolis.

Eleven years after entering the music scene writer, singer, rapper, actress Janelle Monáe has gotten increasingly better with each project. The album has background participation by two “Beach Boys”, features from Pharrell Williams and Zoé Kravitz , and masterful production by the duo “Deep Cotton”. Dirty Computer is a modern masterpiece and a definite contender for Album of the Year. We’re giving Django Jane and her album a well deserved 10/10. The news cycle/black traumaline was hard to watch this week from violent police encounters to out of touch artists going MAGA on us. Thanks for giving us every drop of black excellence you possess. You deserve every pink rose!

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