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Redemption Song

Andrew Gillum held a rally today in Miami, Florida to launch the “Flip Florida Blue Campaign”. The FFBC is gearing up to register 1 million additional Florida voters by the general election in 2020. Gillum spoke of defending Amendment 4 which reinstated the voting rights of felons in Florida, as there have been talks by Florida’s legislators to overturn the decision of the voters. Live from Miami Andrew Gillum spoke of everyday concerns of voters not just in ” The Sunshine State” but all over the country. He spoke healthcare, education, and gun violence. He talked about building a bright future not just for his kids but for everybody’s kids.

Gillum, who lost his 2018 bid for Governor by approximately .4%, came back to his home state in an effort to save us all. He said many people hoped he would run for president, and even though he’s not running, WE (The American People) are on the ballot. He said it’s time to serve Donald Trump his eviction papers. Gillum stood today as a representative of the people. We can only hope that this is the first verse in his “Redemption Song.”

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