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Record Breaking Bardi Bringing Bangers To The Party

Throw a party for Cardi because her debut album Invasion of Privacy is flames. From club bangers like “Money Bag” with YG to radio ready tracks like “Ring” with Kehlani this effort is solid. One of our favorite songs is the heart wrenching “Thru Your Phone”. Invasion not only showcases Cardi B’s talent but spotlights its features unselfishly letting everyone shine. The tracks are a curious mix of gangsta confidence and vulnerable insecurity.

Cardi’s critics will most certainly criticize the raw language. She’s too raw, too ratchet, classless and cusses like a sailor. May we present 2 Live Crew, Esham and Too Short. Compared to them she’s Mother Teresa. Cardi is a chameleon with cadence, the ability to switch up her flow at the drop of a dime is dangerous. There are some albums that are only a collection of singles thrown together like raisins in potato salad. Invasion of Privacy has continuity, heart and the ability to catapult Belcalis Amanzar into superstardom.

The kid from one of the toughest boroughs in New York went gold within 12 hours of her albums release. The vampire hours, club appearances, photo shoots, interviews, commercials and social media promotion paid off. The thing about celebrity life is that the hate isn’t real but neither is the love. Keep grinding, reinventing, growing and turn fifteen minutes into forever famous.

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