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Rag Paper Media Year In Review

The Rag Paper Media Blog was created one month after the first black President of the United States waived goodbye. We knew we were in for a change but wtf America? The leader of the free world with access to nuclear weapons wouldn’t be trusted with a key to our po box let alone the presidency of the United States. With every two handed water sip and every bitter on Twitter moment we are being distracted. When folks attack us with hate, they won’t let us be great!

We created this blog to be entertaining, provoke thought and inspire individuals of all colors and backgrounds to be great with a strong concentration on Black American Culture. Because, self preservation is key. Every now and then we engage in shenanigans and tomfoolery. Hopefully you won’t judge us too harshly for the occasional cuss word because sometimes crap and screw just doesn’t drive the point home the same way.

So let’s get to our year in review. One of our first posts was about a record that took hip hop by storm. Remy Ma’s Shether dis track about Nicki Minaj was so brutal someone made a mock obituary to commemorate the occasion. Yes the internet will provide. Next up was The Oscars where Moonlight lost to Lala Land and then won. We knew then that 2017 was about that life. We covered the black teenage girls missing in D.C. We covered being more financially responsible because it’s an everyday struggle. We reviewed television shows, movies, albums and yes even Dave Chappelle’s return to stand up. We covered the prison camps of Arizona (green meat included), Colin Kaepernick’s stand against police brutality and took a look back at the life of the late great Bob Marley. We learned a lot in our first year. Thanks for being a part of it all!


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