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Professor Trotter: The Lyrical Dalai Lama

So, out of nowhere, just in time for Christmas, Black Thought drops an EP that solidifies “The Book of Trotter” in the Holy Book of Hip-Hop. Streams of Thought Volume 2 (released November 26, 2018) produced by Salaam Remi is a perfect blend of vocals, production, harmony and lyrical content merging the 70’s soul sound with today’s world issues.

SOT2 is one of those projects that will be broken up and dissected in higher learning institutions for years to come. Below are the lyrics that dug into our cerebellum and even led to a deep dive into Google where we learned a little about blood plasma. It’s a liner note kid thing, don’t judge us.


Real drugs do real things/ Go to extremes, crash regimes and kill kings/ In the last reprieve he still sings/ How the task the master needs reveals wings

“Soundtrack to Confusion”

Lyrical religious hero on Jesus’s Level/ The reason none of these heathens is even as thorough/ We bare arms like Idris or Venus de Milo/ My blood is different than the blood that yo bleed if it’s yellow

“History Unfolds”

What I reflect is still a real feel temperature/ Symptoms show I’m physically ill and still emperor/ Track whisperer, carbon color conquistador/ Kiss the jawns and make ’em cry it’s not difficult

“How To Hold A Choppa”

It’s been a war on the heavily melanated. For your own security, better be educated.

Streams Of Thought Volume 2 has superior production, clever content, and manifests the rhyme in the perfect space and time. 2018 was a year of heavyweights; SOT2 is Jack Johnson. The 23 minute masterpiece is available wherever you get your music. This work of art is proof positive that good things happen everyday, even on Monday!

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