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Power Play

Merriam-Webster defines power as possession of control, authority, or influence over others. People have the ability to use their authority to lead or belittle individuals under their command. We must learn before we teach and we must listen before we speak.

The Commander in Chief of the United States continues to use his influence and position to degrade and demean others. Last Friday Donald Trump called NFL football players who protest during the national anthem “Son’s of Bitches.” This created a firestorm on social media and the hashtag TakeAKnee prompted over 2 million tweets.

Trump further expressed concern for low attendance at games and declining television viewership via Twitter . The USC vs Texas game had nearly as many fans as the Rams and Charger games combined last week. And Thursday Night Football in San Francisco was so bare you could hear crickets. Boycott NFL was created after Colin Kaepernick, who protested police brutality by kneeling for The Star Spangled Banner, was blacklisted by the NFL. The boycott prohibits going to or watching NFL games, the purchase of team apparel and participation in Fantasy Football until Kaepernick is back on the field.

Today over 100 players protested across the league by kneeling, locking arms or skipping the anthem altogether. Some media outlets say the protests show solidarity. Others see owners joining in as a strategic plan to end the boycott without meeting demands. What do you think?


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