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People In Hell Want Ice Water

Just so y’all know there are square mile neighborhoods in Detroit with more churches than liquor stores, let that marinate. All churches are not created equal and all pastors are not there for praise and worship. When parishioners struggle to keep the lights on and the pastor owns a private jet, “Houston we have a problem.” Be wary of the preacher that lives 30 miles away. If your struggle was his struggle, would he still be there to pray?

Donald J. Trump has an unhealthy obsession with antagonizing black people with one hand and promoting himself as some type of black ally with the other. We’ve seen Trump refer to black countries as shithole countries, black football players as sons of bitches, and early on he had a disrespectful exchange with White House Correspondent April Ryan (also black) regarding The Congressional Black Caucus. On the other side The Trump Administration takes full credit for black unemployment numbers, publicly boasts about gaining percentage points with black voters without credible proof and creates circus like photo opps with black celebrities, HBCU Presidents and most recently a group of black pastors.

One pastor, Darrell Scott, took the opportunity to say “Donald Trump is probably the most pro-black president in recent history.” The statement is problematic at best and a full blown minstrel show at its worst. Black people are dying in the streets at alarming rates all over this country in police confrontations – Trumps response: Respect the Flag. Black and Latino immigrants are flooding the Southern U.S. Border – Trumps response: Take the key and lock them up. Out of all the powerful voting groups in this country black people have the longest memory. This president shows his ass time and time again and we’re supposed to believe he doesn’t enjoy mooning people. With the midterms coming up they’re thirsty for black voters. People in Hell want ice water . . . Good luck with that!

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