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Outrage Marketing: Issa Thing

Outrage Marketing is the calculated and cruel media manipulation geared to garner a reaction and collect them coins. H&M took a major hit financially when Black American influencers called for a boycott after seeing a black boy in an overseas online advertisement wearing the now infamous “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” hoodie. But what if companies manufactured the outrage of black influencers to market products to the melanin deficient Mollys and Masons of the world? Gucci and Burberry received tons of free traditional and social media mentions after creating garments and looks that can be categorized as “Ready To Wear Racist”. High end brands are repped by working and middle-class black folks, but the likelihood that the fashions are fabulous fakes are great. If black people can’t boycott you out of business because they don’t buy your brand, gotta recognize the currency in the coonery and stop falling for the scam.

This week a new White American Chinese restaurant caused an uproar when they described their food as a healthy option to traditional American Chinese Food. We won’t be mentioning their name or associated hashtags in this post as we are under the impression that the blatant cultural disrespect is a way to market their business. It is a major slap in the face to businesses that never needed commercials or an IG to stay relevant.

Today we are spotlighting Cheng’s Garden, a restaurant that stayed when they had every reason to go. During a 1992 robbery of the family owned and operated establishment Steven Cheng lost his life. The details of the murder were ripped from crimeindetroit.com. “Cheng 25, handed several hundred dollars to the two gun-wielding robbers, but they shot him anyway. The business, owned by Cheng’s father, had been robbed eight times in the previous four months.” When other Chinese restaurants packed up shop for the suburbs and were replaced by coney islands and soul food restaurants, they remained. They’ve provided comfort food in the community of Northwest Detroit for nearly 30 years. We’re proud of the love and sacrifice that is infused into every recipe. And maybe the next time we see “Outrage Marketing” we can big up the competitors that benefit US.

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