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Out Of Time

Existing as a person of color in 2018 is a complex mix of how did we get here and you know good and damn well how we got here. We’ve been blinded by the shine for a long ass time. In football we see the million dollar contracts but missed the reports on CTE. In basketball you build a mansion for your family just to live on the road. If you’re a rapper or singer you tour the world to stare at hotel ceilings. There is no yellow brick road with rainbow skies, just concrete jungles where we adapt to survive. We were so focused on keeping up with the Jones’s we couldn’t see the community crumbling around us. Mass incarceration in America was allowed to occur because of silence. Growing up in a neighborhood full of black boys in the 80s and 90s we wondered where everybody went. Still wonder how many lives would have been different if folks working in the criminal justice system said something when they saw a disturbing pattern of kids getting locked up for breathing.

So in a world of social media where trolls reign supreme those of us who resist have to be that fist.  The world looks at American’s as spoiled entitled uneducated brats that need serious home training. And, to be perfectly honest Donald Trump is living proof that we’ve been off our rockers for quite some time. The United States claims to fight terrorism but has funded it for years; bankrolling military action in Israel against Palestinians and sanctioning the over-policing of communities of color in the U.S. This week in Gaza more than 60 people died and over 2400 sustained injuries when Israel used military force against Palestinian protestors. What would you do if you couldn’t drink 95% of your water, only had 4 hrs of electricity per day, were chronically unemployed and trapped? The closest thing we can think of in American life is the projects. The difference is, in the projects you are only trapped in your mind. As we look at the events in America regarding race versus what’s going in the Middle East things seem trivial, until you realize that two of the people calling the authorities and making threats are members of the New York Bar Association. It’s all enough to make you lose your religion. ***Plays R.E.M. song in head***

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