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Oprah Is Royalty #neverforget

Growing up in the 80’s, we were the kids that had to work twice as hard with half of the support. Kids who grew up in Detroit in the 80’s and 90’s can be accused of having older sensibilities because many of us were raised by grandparents. Because of the crack epidemic parents were either addicted to drugs, dead or in prison for drug possession. We were the lucky ones, the kids with at least one working parent still in the house, living in a middle class neighborhood. We were the latchkey kids and Oprah means everything to us.

We almost forgot about all those sermons Oprah delivered. Church came to us at 4 o’clock every weekday for 20 years. She taught us to believe in ourselves, to stand in our truth, to follow our first mind and to shine bright like a diamond long before we ever heard of Rihanna. When her competition went from Phil Donahue to Jerry Springer she elevated and taught us about Aha Moments and Living Our Best Lives. Little did we know the Oprah Winfrey Show was just the beginning.

As we watched Lady O last night we were not only reminded of her power but of our own. As the first black woman to receive the honorary Cecil B. Demille Golden Globe she cracked a glass ceiling so that we can reach limitless heights. At the end of the speech there was a standing O for Lady O! All that was missing was Aretha Franklin’s Young, Gifted and Black as Oprah walked offstage. #neverforget

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