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One Shot To The Heart

Today kids from across The United States walked out of school to protest gun violence. Students marching were every color in the spectrum and diverse in socioeconomic backgrounds. As one student spoke at Renaissance High School in Detroit, you could hear a construction worker beeping in solidarity as he drove past a sea of kids protesting outside. The young lady spoke of losing a close friend to senseless violence at the tender age of 16. Students, faculty and survivors of mass shootings across America recounted stories of loss and pain and called on Congress to act.

We knew as a country we were drowning in violence when Sandy Hook happened. Still can’t wrap our minds around someone opening fire on a classroom of first graders. Many felt that if nothing was done after Newtown, that change simply would not happen. And until now we where of the same mindset.

When you’re pummeled with thoughts and broken by prayers, the only thing left to do is fight. The children who marched today from Florida to Michigan, from California to New York became the voices for their parents and their communities. Today we the people stand in solidarity with the students and teachers in Parkland, Florida who fought through the grief and refused to be another forgotten hashtag. Nearly 19 years after Columbine time’s up.

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