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On this great day we salute Wakanda Royalty Janet Jackson!

Janet Jackson is black royalty and don’t you ever forget it. Lighting up rooms with that smile since Good Times where she played little Penny and stole our hearts. Super Bowl Sunday 14 years ago, after the infamous wardrobe malfunction, the NFL and mainstream media tried to ruin her. It took two events to remind us of the force that is Janet Jackson. The State of the World Tour and an episode of Scandal laced with essential Janet tracks.

This Super Bowl Sunday was renamed #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay thanks to #BlackTwitter and we were off to the races. On this great day in history people streamed J on all platforms, posted favorite albums/eras, songs, videos, created Janet gifs and even shared playlists. Heck, they might’ve even trolled the Super Bowl and Justin Timberlake hashtags. It was better than an Ellen Degeneres comeback, well almost.

You don’t remain relevant in entertainment for over 4 decades without hard work and battle scars. The show must go on, often times with a smile, even when you wanna punch someone in the face. JJAD was an awesome trip down memory lane and we got a chance to hand Janet Jackson her roses while she was able to smell them. To Janet, in the words of Tupac Shakur, you are appreciated.

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