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On Thin ICE

It’s our first post of the new year and just to put it out there we didn’t see this coming. Just days before Christmas 2018 Donald Trump (President Of The United Fakes) shut down the government after Congress refused to spend five billion dollars on a border wall. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about POTUF’s infamous campaign promise of erecting a concrete wall spanning the distance of America’s southern border. The surprise is not that Trump shut down the government like a toddler who didn’t get his favorite cereal. We figured it was political posturing to pump up his base while simultaneously stealing the shine from the record number of women elected to the legislature in 2018 as well as the resurgence of Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. We thought the government will be shut down for two weeks tops, then it would be back to business. Today January 19th, 2019 marks day 29 of the shutdown making it the longest shutdown in modern political history.

With the government marked closed for business many government workers approximately 800,000 are not being paid. Some are on ice so thin that their heads will soon be underwater. Pawn shop owners are seeing record numbers of government employees pawning anything they can just to keep their heads afloat. Just yesterday we saw the most heartbreaking video of a woman facing eviction if she can’t pay the rent by February 1st and 5 of her family members are government workers so borrowing from family members is not an option.

What would you do if you couldn’t pay the bills and shit got real? Many of the employees are still required to show up for work because they’re in essential roles. We’re guessing they’re supposed to pull gas money out of their ass. Also, those bank overdraft fees have to be crazy. Seriously? To paraphrase a tweet from D.L. Hughley “They’re required to work but not get paid, not get paid, not get paid.” Are we still building this joint for free? This whole situation makes folks like us from the outside looking in, cut and conserve where we can and put a little more to the side for a shitstorm such as this. Market analysts are saying if this shutdown goes on much longer it could wipe out an entire quarter of economic growth. The Commander In Tweets is calling a press conference later today regarding the shutdown. Here’s hoping for the sake of the U.S. economy that there is a resolution.

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