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Middle C In The Key Of Life

Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” is more than a memoir, it’s a masterclass in perseverance. The book begins with a headstrong little girl growing up a Robinson on the south side of Chicago. We learn about the piano lessons that taught her discipline and structure, the overachieving older brother that she followed to Princeton, the mild mannered mother that advocated for her education, and the strong father with challenges who never complained about his circumstances.

Becoming is a gift to women all around the world, but to Black American Women it’s a collection of experiences that we don’t often see addressed. Obama discusses culture shock as a black girl attending a predominantly white college or university, the angry black woman stereotype, and the struggle of straddling worlds of possibility and worlds of privilege simultaneously.

This painfully honest and open look behind the mask of the first black FLOTUS reveals the extreme sacrifices of The Obama Family. The former First Lady covers long distance relationships, the challenge of political campaigns, and balancing work with family obligations. Michelle Obama leaves no stone unturned even telling a wild story about sneaking out of The White House with Malia.

In “Becoming” Meesh (Michelle) recounts life’s staggering accomplishments along with heart wrenching tragedies. Nearly two years after The Obamas faded into freedom we are searching for a leader we can be proud of. When many of us wavered, afraid to shoot our shot, they gave us Black Camelot!

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