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Melodic Soul: Oxnard Album Review

Anderson Paak (Brandon Paak Anderson) was born in 1986 and hails from Oxnard, California. The album Oxnard (released November 16th, 2018) is titled for the artist’s hometown. After living with this album for the last 10 days we imagine Oxnard is an unpredictable place full of laughter, love, community and resilience.

Paak’s voice is filled with the soul and the life experiences of a 45 year old black man who worked in the plant for 20 years. Think the David Ruffin of rap.

The rhymes and stories leap off the page and we are immersed in a world of endless possibilities. “Tints” with Kendrick Lamar is full of good vibes and the 70’s disco sounds. “Who Are U?” feels like a Timbaland/Missy collab and it’s clear, conversational and confident. “Cheers” featuring Q-Tip is a touching tribute to friends Mac Miller and Phife Dog of ATCQ who have passed on. “Sweet Chick” is that banger for girls who wanna have fun and hang out, with a dope ass feature from BJ The Chicago Kid. There’s a track featuring J. Cole that samples Rodney Dangerfield Stand Up. The song is melodic, angelic, and vulnerable. “Trippy” is what love sounds like. “6 Summers” by Anderson Paak is to Trump as “Dear Mr. President” by Pink was to G.W. Bush. The track is political, powerful, and controversial with sprinkles of bucket drums in the beat. The hard hitting lyrics below captures the media circus effortlessly.

“We know you lyin’, my nigga, naw, we don’t trust you

We know you buy to sell it back to the public

‘Cause there’s money to made in a killin’ spree

That’s why he tryna start a war on the Twitter feed

Somebody take this nigga’s phone, is you kiddin’ me?

Take them AKs up outta these Inner City streets”

After nearly a decade in the game Anderson Paak is finally getting the respect and recognition that eluded him early on. Kudos to Paak and the team at Aftermath who put together an album we’ll be rocking with for at least 6 Summers!

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