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Make America Google Adonis

The Story of Adidon will go down as one of the greatest dis tracks of all time. Pusha Terrance as @kevonstage calls him played the dozens like dominos. Pusha T erected the hood line ” Yo mama, yo daddy, yo whole generation” using it to frame the battle rap for maximum impact. Drake is further exposed as having a kid named Adonis that he is hiding to protect his image. Then Pusha let tea spill that the baby’s mother is a pornstar. As we thought the level of disrespect was insurmountable T took aim at Drakes producer 40 ( Noah James Shebib) who struggles with multiple sclerosis.

There will be people undoubtedly saying @kingpush went too far, they’re wrong. If you’re gonna dish it, you have to be able to take it. And once you go shouting government names on dis records, all bets are off. If you ever walked to school or caught the bus with a group of black kids in an American city you know nothing is off limits. Your skin color, hair texture, ashiness, weight, greasiness, stupidness, physical or mental handicap were all on the table. Example: Season One of Insecure – We Got Y’all. Heck we still remember the song some Detroit kids sang about the kids on the short bus “L.D. not for me, learning disability.” Is it messed up and hurtful? Yes. But you can thank this training ground for some of the best writers, comedians and lyricists in the game.

We wouldn’t be doing the record justice without a breakdown, so here it is. The artwork for #thestoryofadidon is a real photo of Drake in blackface. The picture was used to market a clothing brand and the photographer David Leyes has been quoted by numerous outlets saying the blackface was Drake’s idea. Notable lines: “Confused always thought you weren’t black enough, afraid to grow it cause yo fro wouldn’t nap enough.” / “You are hiding a child let the boy come home, deadbeat muthafucka playing border patrol.” / “Already aligned with the greats and on the same note, the only ones I chase are two ghosts.” Pusha goes a step further bringing up the phrase surgical summer. It’s a warning to Drake of likely dis tracks to come. Edward Scissorhands cutting everyone!

Will Drake respond? Stay Tuned.

Update: Drakes statement on the blackface photo. Is the statement below keeping it 💯 or is it longer than Pinocchio’s nose 🤥?

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