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Love You Black

To be young, black, creative, free, and unapologetically oneself is the embodiment of Nola Darling. She’s an artist and teacher struggling to make a way in gentrified Brooklyn. Being a creative trying to make ends meet means late nights, early mornings, and finding inspiration in places, people and even life’s trauma. Born from artist parents she is destined to do great things and enters herself into a contest for an artist’s grant that will alleviate some of her financial burdens.

On the surface Nola is a young vibrant insatiable woman very much in control of her mind, body and spirit. Sexually free and fluid she’s carrying on a simultaneous love affair with three men and a woman. Though Darling does not pledge exclusivity to any of her lovers things become increasingly uncomfortable when all of her lovers show up to her art show. Instead of focusing on showcasing and selling her work she’s concerned with keeping the peace in her private life. By the end of season one Nola Darling learns through therapy and self-reflection that the number one priority in her life is herself.

Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” mixes montages, monologues, Black American History and music in a way we’ve never seen. Throughout the series you’ll hear music and then an onscreen flash of the album the song came from. From an explanation on playing the dozens to a sequence on Black Artists who came before Lee is loving us as black as he can. The medium of television transports us into the world of Spike Lee in a way that movies only hint at. The phenomenal writer/director that so effortlessly captures the black experience unlocked a sapphire in the character Nola Darling. All ten episodes of season one are currently available for streaming exclusively on Netflix, season two drops May 24th, 2019.

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