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Late Registration

Friday was a difficult day for Nasir Jones. Fans were on Nas’s head because the album was delayed almost into the next day. One fan even changed the lyrics to Eminem’s Stan to commemorate the mishap. We called it the album that evaporated into thin air because the album was up initially on the Nas YouTube Channel but was pulled by mid afternoon. We listened to the project three times before it disappeared and are convinced the music was pulled because it was a rough draft of the finished product.

The Nasir album of just 7 songs manages to incorporate the banger, the laid back jazzy track and a masterful orchestral arrangement. Major production kudos to Plain Pat for “Everything” and also to Kanye West* for “Not For Radio” and for incorporating elements of “A Children’s Story” by Slick Rick (Ricky Walters) in Cops Shot The Kid.

Below are lyrics from the three songs that belong in a listening booth in the Black Smithsonian to infinity and beyond.

“Fear will make you reveal who you really are. Feel me God, be silent. Your foes hold you in ill regard. . . Swat was created to stop the Panthers. Glocks were created for murder enhancement.” Not For Radio

“Stay tuned up and down your timeline. This fake news people is all lyin’. Money is bein’ made when a mom cries. Won’t be satisfied ’til we all die. Tell me who do we call to report crime if 911 doin’ a drive by?” Cops Shot The Kid

“When the media slings mud we use it to build huts. Irrefutable facts, merciful beautiful black.” Everything

Nasir is focused, intentional, political, vulnerable, balanced and sonically superior. This album deserves to go certified fire!

*We do not condone the ridiculous publicity stunts by Kanye West. This work is judged solely by the merit of the project.

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