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Last Stand In Wonderland

Tonight we watched as the very last episode of Scandal aired. The series was loosely based on real life D.C. Fixer Judy A. Smith who headed her own crisis management firm Smith & Company. Scandal was the first network television show in 40 years to have a black woman as the lead character. Olivia Pope paid homage to her predecessor in the season 4 premiere with the code name Julia Baker. Scandal was the Shondaland show that had no room for error. The pilot premiered in the winter with the first season having only 7 episodes to shine.

Olivia Pope and Associates definitely gave us something to talk about. They tackled gays in the military, infidelity, bribery, election rigging, assassination attempts, sexual harassment, equal pay and that’s just the short list. Scandal even flipped old western and cartoon narratives on their head and made you think of a heroic black woman when you hear the phrase “White Hats”. The ensemble cast is made up of spies that can be both heartless and protective, a fixer that can go from hero to drunk with power, parents that can love you and also be inherently destructive and lovers who turn cold when they are no longer valued. Scandal is the first show we remember posting about. It got so bad that you knew to stay off of Twitter and Facebook until you saw the latest episode. We’re positive more than a few west coasters stayed away from social media on Thursdays just on GP.

As we watched old episodes preparing for the end of an era we picked out some of our faves. If you’ve never watched an episode there are 5 episodes sure to get you hooked, “Sweet Baby”, “Seven Fifty Two”, “A Door Marked Exit”, “Randy, Red, Superfreak & Julia” and catch a pre “Black-ish” Yara Shahidi as young Olivia Pope in “Icarus”.

The very last episode of all is “Over A Cliff”. Opening scene investigator Lonnie Minken commits suicide to guarantee Senate Hearings on B613. Everybody including Trump inspired Hollis Doyle testifies. Charlie and Quinn get married in prison. David escapes being shot by Jake only to be poisoned and smothered by Cyrus. Ain’t that a bitch. A distraught Olivia spends one last night with Fitz. Eli Pope (Rowan) appears as a last minute witness, identifies himself as command and uses bias and white privilege to send Jake to Supermax. Olivia delivers a tearful last goodbye to Jake. Cyrus signs his resignation in disgrace. Olivia walks away from the Oval and leaves Mellie to stand in the sun. Two young black girls gaze up at the portrait below of Olivia Pope in The National Portrait Gallery.

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