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Kings Over Drugs

J. Cole released his fifth studio album K.O.D. 04/20/2018. The provocative album cover of kids on various drugs, underneath a king that looks like a mad hatter version of Cole is marketing genius. The kid from Fayetteville, North Carolina seems to straddle two different worlds. He has the ability to stand like a God onstage, while simultaneously using his fame as a window into other people’s pain.

Since the album is titled K.O.D we suppose it’s up to you to find your own meaning. Is it kids on drugs, king of drugs, killing our demons? Heck after these past two weeks it could mean Kanye on drugs, we don’t know. We decided to go with kings over drugs. This project opens up conversations about drug use, people who will do anything to secure the bag, the miseducation of America, user friends and trying to save friends from their own vices.

K.O.D is socially relevant with banger beats and a conversational flow. Cole flashes back to childhood in the deeply personal “Once An Addict” you hear “Seeing my hero on ground zero, tears flow while Al Green Blow”. One of the most touching lyrics comes in a song called “Window Pain” saying “I won’t forget you. How could I with all you went through? A bullet hit yo cousin in temple while he was with you.” Good writers can make you feel their pain. Great writers can step into someone else’s shoes and make you walk with them. Cole reminds us why honing your craft is more important than riding trends as he addresses young contemporaries in 1985. And when it comes to dealing with the harshness of life to choose wisely. K.O.D. is a one of a kind concept album that will be analyzed for years to come.

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