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How Did We Get Here? Nobody’s Sposed To Be Here.

How did we get here? Nobody’s sposed to be here.

We’re the land of the rich

accelerated by black fear.

Ladies, fellas, non-binary,

if we’re so rich…

How come we got a president

who lost his shit?

People starvin‘ in the street

with no pot to piss?

Who’s America is this?

This is the America that always was. Beatin’ black people in the back of the club.

Phone unlocked, loaded,

and ready to shoot,

a trigger happy soldier

compensated by loot.

They’ve been telling white lies for 400 years. Every human knows why we’re here.

You were Irish

You were Russian

Italian Immigrants too

You folded into whiteness

Now protected by blue

We are here ‘cause they told you

You were better than me

‘Cause to you when I’m in chains

You are finally free

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