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Higher Heights

Marlanna Evans better known as Rapsody hails from Snow Hill, NC. Who knew a kid who grew up in a town of less than 2000 people would have more bars than the corner store. The track “You Should Know” samples Goodie Mob’s Cell Therapy and is an exquisite compound of old and new. You could listen to this album 50 times and pick up a new grain of knowledge each time. Rapsody’s new album Laila’s Wisdom picks up where The Notorious BIG’s Life After Death left off. We’ll be living with this one for a long time.

Laila’s Wisdom could have easily been named Lyrical Whiplash. She’ll hit you with phrases that reverberate in your spine. Rapsody has lines like “I been killin’ for a longtime, my lawyers got a caseload”, “Cried so many tears it’s surprising I ain’t mildew” and one of our favorites “They say we 3/5th human, well the rest of me’s an autobot.” This project is infused with bucket list type collaborations with GQ, BJ the Chicago Kid, Anderson Paak, K. Lamar, a couple rap legends and production by 9th Wonder. The flow is so sick she should be quarantined.

Rapsody is to rap as Cheryl Miller was and is to basketball. Miller was one of the best college basketball players (male or female) in the mid 1980s and it would have been unbelievable to see her compete with her contemporaries in the NBA. A couple of years back there was a debate going on Kendrick or Cole? Not since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill has a woman inserted herself into the forefront of the conversation. When corporate kidnapped radio, originality and creativity was held hostage. Not sure this album would’ve seeped into our cerebellum without inking a deal with a major entertainment company. Thankful real music is being resurrected. Rapsody lives up to the albums most famous sample: Laila’s Wisdom is indeed young, gifted and black.

Cover Art: Patso Dimitrov @pvtso


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