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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Somehow with this picture I can only think of one, devastated. How do you unbreak the heart of the only child that will remember your husband? How do you grieve the loss of your partner in life as you prepare to give life? How do you get out of the bed when all you wanna do is cry?

As a country we have to get to a place where we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes. There will be times in life that you have to be better than your leadership. If we want America to be a better place we have to do the work. That means going back to the small things like helping a neighbor clear snow or looking up from your phone long enough to say hello. It means treating people how you would like to be treated regardless of race, economic status, job title, religion or gender.

Sgt. La David Johnson lost his life in Niger fighting for a country where walking down the street or driving while black can cost you your life. Yesterday Myeshia Johnson kissed her husband’s casket one last time before laying him to rest. Neither words nor apologies can bring Sgt. Johnson back. If we want to honor his memory we should make America a better place for his children.


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