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Democracy Deferred

We invade other countries under the guise of democracy all the time. Reasons ranging from fake weapons of mass destruction to terrorism.  Devastating entire communities in our path.  Then somehow, we expect the same regions to adopt our way of life. We cannot be serious.

In the recent presidential election we were told the system was rigged. It was rigged alright, rigged in the favor of the very person crying foul. Now we are caught in a never ending news cycle of alternative facts.  The American Dream turned into a nightmare and we all woke up screaming. This can’t be life.

How do we fix this? We can stand up against discrimination even when we don’t think it affects us directly. We can get involved in the political process and hold our representatives accountable for their actions. We can no longer sit idly by while corporations push legislation to protect their interests at the expense of our own. We the people have always had the power. It’s up to us to use it.


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