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After a week with no posts, this week was packed with stories to choose from. Dave Chapelle’s return to stand up, Trumpcare bill dead on arrival on the house floor, or even K. Lamar’s triumphant The Heart Part 4. But the one story that caught my attention is the one that can’t seem to make it to national mainstream media, but is blowing up my timeline as I write.

A number of young black girls have gone missing in Washington DC in a span of about 6 weeks. DC Police are downplaying the suggestion that the girls may have been abducted stating the girls left voluntarily. The issue of such a statement makes me cringe because leaving voluntarily and being kidnapped are not mutually exclusive. Apps such as KiK Messenger, Snapchat, Blendr and countless others can be used by adults to lure teens and kids.

The similarities of the missing girls are astonishing. They are primarily black girls between the ages of 13 and 16, have dark hair and eyes and are between 120-140lbs, many last seen on the southeast side of Washington DC. Full disclosure this story is personal to me. It hits home because when I started high school at the age of 13 I fit that description. I had to walk four long Detroit blocks to the bus stop in the early morning by myself. I don’t pretend to know the individual facts of the cases but the commonalities of the missing cannot be ignored.

Harvey Levin founder of TMZ spoke out with a short video uploaded on YouTube. In the video Levin spoke of a case he covered in the late 70’s and drew parallels from that case to the missing girls in DC. Levin urged authorities to be vigilant and act swiftly. Harvey cited the Hillside Strangler Case. The killings occurred from October 1977 to February 1978 and started with three slain prostitutes. This case did not come under scrutiny until 5 victims went missing from nice middle class neighborhoods. By the time the two men responsible were captured the body count was 10. Ones safety should not depend on color or class.


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