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Dark, Twisty and Brilliant #Scandal


The Dead In The Water Episode of Scandal was a brilliant masterpiece. Before I break it down, this is a major spoiler alert so buckle your seat belts.

The episode flashes back to Huck and Jennifer being shot. Meg locks the bodies in a trunk and pushes the cars over a cliff into a body of water. As water rushes into the vehicle Huck (Guillermo Diaz) goes into a dream like state where he plots his escape Pope and Associates style. He eventually escapes just before drowning by using the metal from the car seat headrest and drags Jennifer’s body to shore.

When Olivia and the team find out Huck is missing, Quinn and Charlie abduct Meg to gain info on his whereabouts. Quinn starts to torture Meg with various metal objects in order to find Huck, but all hope was lost when she slits Megs throat in anger. Meanwhile Huck is bleeding to death waiting for help.

The team gathers at Pope and Associates, with no leads the group loses hope and writes him off as dead. In a strange twist Charlie convinces Olivia to continue the search. Huck is found by tracing Jennifer’s cellphone signals. The prognosis given by the doctor is possible brain damage and the fact he may not wake up due to massive blood loss.

Quinn gives the amazing “Do not die I’m here for you” speech as Huck lies in the hospital bed. Just as Quinn starts to leave, Huck gasps and opens his eyes. Quinn climbs into his hospital bed and rests her face against his as Aretha Franklin’s rendition of 🎶Let it Be🎶 plays in the background. Charlie looks on realizing Quinn doesn’t just love Huck but may be in love with him.

Brilliant dialogue, stunning visuals and musical score. The use of water in the episode was phenomenal. Two weeks ago I tweeted that the show’s creator had a one week window to correct her “Who Shot J.R.?” moment. After two weeks of disbelief and shock Shonda Rhimes Queen of Thursday Night TV has redeemed herself. This will go down as one of the best episodes in television history. All Hail the Queen!!!

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