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Charlie Wilson, Bruno Mars And A Game OF Chicken

At last night’s Bruno Mars Concert parking was a bitch and we almost died. Lots adjacent to Little Caesars Arena were charging up to $45. In Detroit you can get two large oxtail dinners with peas, rice, cabbage and sometimes cornbread for less than 40 bucks. A few blocks away we lucked up on a 10 dollar lot. Just saved $35. We should’ve left it there and walked to the arena but a guy in a golf cart type vehicle offered to drop us off at the door for a hot $2, okay bet. This dude drove the cart diagonally through Cass Park, sped down Cass on the sidewalk, then raced toward oncoming traffic on I 75 service drive and one car moved out of the way to avoid a head on collision with us. Not sure if dude was drunk, high, or just didn’t give a fuck. By the grace of a higher power we made it just in time to see Uncle Charlie.

Charlie Wilson’s music is tighter than his afro on The Gap Band III album cover. Wilson is one of just two R&B legends that managed to capture a whole new generation of fans in the 90’s after recording new music (the other is Ronald Isley). After 40 plus years in the industry Wilson can still rock a crowd and his voice is like salted caramel gelato, cold and smooth. We hope to see you next year at Chene Park in the cool summer breeze with a blue drink on deck!

Now onto the singer/songwriter who can mesmerize a crowd with his stage presence. Bruno Mars, the kid from Hawaii with a smile that lights up the room, is pure magic on that stage. If you look closely you can see glimpses of Michael, Elvis and James Brown rolled into one. The stage was part light show, part hologram, part pyrotechnic masterpiece. The art direction and stage light choreography was phenomenal. We went to see a concert and walked out with a whole experience. Watch the clip below to see why Bruno will always have a special place in our hearts!

It was 24 Kt Magic in Detroit!

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