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Chappelle, 5 nights in Detroit


Dave Chappelle is one of the most inventive comedians of our time. I remember a fellow comic saying the brilliance of his comedy is that you don’t see his punchlines coming. From the special in DC where he repeats the line “Let’s sprinkle some crack on ’em” to the special on Netflix where Dave sprinkles the 4 times he met O.J. Simpson throughout the routine. The comedic genius is undeniable.

Last week Chappelle took to the stage, six shows in 5 days. He came out to Kendrick Lamar’s DNA as red fog flooded the stage. He stepped on stage and immediately apologized for being high the last time he did a show in Detroit. His topics ranged from The Amish, our phones being locked up, The Facebook Killer and Emmit Till. But the highlight of the show was Dave’s synopsis of the book PIMP by Iceburg Slim. He had complete control of the room and at times it was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

The measure of a master storyteller is to make you feel like you were there. Chappelle has this gift. Thank you for making us put our phones down and thanks for the laughs!


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