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It’s been an earth shattering year for Robert “Meek Mill” Williams. The 31 year old rap artist from Philadelphia began the year eating “oodles of noodles” in a Pennsylvania Correctional Facility. When Mill’s Beloved Philadelphia Eagles won The Super Bowl Meek was watching from behind bars. The day after “The Championship” an Eagles’ locker room video celebrating to Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” went viral. By the end of April Meek Mill was released from prison in stunning fashion via helicopter straight to ringing a replica of The Liberty Bell center court at a ‘6er’s game.

November 30th, 2018 Meek dropped the album “Championships”. When we started the listening process the nostalgia in us gravitated to “What’s Free?”, the track that samples Biggie’s “What’s Beef” with features from Rick Ross and Jay-Z. Though we will admit Jay’s verse was fire and it got a lot of social media attention (yep us included), the jewel of the album is the title track “Championships” produced by Dario Productions (Dario Omanovic).

In less than five minutes Mill covered so many obstacles in black communities across the country. Meek covered financial struggles, growing up fatherless, the drug game, childhood trauma, shuttered schools, drug abuse, gun violence, death, grief, self medicating, fake ass friends and a corrupt judicial system. The production is saxophone heavy with a reoccurring high note loop that is relentless and sprinkles of organ, piano and strings. The crescendo and decrescendo of Meeks voice mirrors a person fighting for their life.

We can’t write out the whole song, that by the way has no hook. Here are just some of our favorite lines.

“Ain’t had no daddy, he’s had to learn from the streets/ I used to be a honor roll student, damn/Then I turned to a beast/ The first time I seen a nigga get some blood on his sneaks/ He had on Air Max 93s but was slumped in the street

We wearing Old Navy, it felt like Christian Dior/ Was dead broke but rich in soul, was we really that poor? Was we really that dumb? ‘Cause we carry a gun/And every nigga in my neighborhood carryin’ one”

“My homie’s dying I’m like “Maybe we next”/ That just made me a threat/ Knowin’ the niggas smoke my daddy it just made me upset/ Made me a man shit I was five when God gave me my test/ Go to court with a court appointed and he won’t say he objects”

Meek Mill spills his blood, sweat and tears on “Championships”. It’s a love letter to the young ones who don’t love themselves and a hug to all the mothers who’ve lost their kids in the struggle. The heart wrenching track is our song of the decade.

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