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Carter: Capturing All Revenue Til Economically Regal

We’ve been on high alert album watch since Beychella. Together Beyoncé and Jay-Z are The Carters and the album titled Everything Is Love dropped yesterday during your casual dinner conversation. The calculated Carter’s are crafty at catching them coins so here’s a heads up. The album has just nine tracks and is Jay-Z heavy and Beyoncé light. We all know the September Virgo is known for dropping albums in her birth month so stay tuned and keep one eye open for the 3am album drop and the digital release of Beychella.

E.I.L. is part love story, part untouchables and part let my people go. Both Jay and Bey have writing and production credits on the project. The couple used multiple producers including Pharrell Williams, Cool and Dre, Jahaan Sweet and Boi1da, giving the album depth while still remaining relatively consistent throughout.

Jay took more shots than an alcoholic with a black card. Check the lyrics below.

“Tight circle no squares, I’m geometrically opposed to you. Y’all like to try angles. Y’all like to troll do you? Y’all talk around hoes do you? Y’all don’t follow codes do you? We know everything you say from n*^^as close to you, you emotional.” Jay-Z (Friends) – Kanye Dis

“Lebron James to you Omarosas. Dapper Dan at 4am shit I am the culture. . . Since the Kalief Doc* they been at my neck. Y’all can tell’em Trayvon**is comin’ next. The SEC, the FBI or the IRS, I passed the alphabet boys like a eye test.” Jay-Z (Black Effect)

Everything Is Love is both nostalgic and futuristic, aggressive and laid back, with elements of ratchetness and royalty. “Apeshit” somehow takes us back to that Blueprint track where he did it for the culture and said the industry shady it need to be taken over. Label owners still hatin’ cause that bar raised up. All this commotion, no promotion sippin’ on that cold Crush!

* The Kalief Doc refers to the six part docuseries The Kalief Browder Story available through Spike TV and currently on Netflix.

**Trayvon is the upcoming six part docuseries on Trayvon Martin set to air on The Paramount Network later this summer.

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