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Capturing Color

Joe Arpaio was pardoned in the wake of Hurricane Harvey on 08-25-2017 by Donald J. Trump. Is this the “Show me your papers” sheriff? The guy who rounded up anyone who looked ethnic i.e. Mexican, Colombian, Honduran et cetera? The same dude who forgot it wasn’t 1945 and that you can’t just lock 🔐 up American citizens because their color and facial features are somehow offensive to you? The moron who created a tent ⛺️ jail in the desert 🌵 and served green bologna sandwiches in 100 degree 🔥 weather? Pardon my Spanish, but this is some bullshit 💩.

Donald Trump is everything the world hates about Americans rolled into one person. He’s loud, obnoxious, entitled, lazy, uneducated on many issues and spoiled AF. So whether Trump is your president or is not your president, he is the president. “You can’t change what you refuse to confront” – unknown. It doesn’t matter how many deer 🦌 in the headlight photo ops he has with black celebrities or how many tea cupped ☕️ 🥄 sunken place ass negroes he has at rally’s waiving signs in the background. The President of the United States is the ringleader of racism. If we don’t impeach him, we must defeat him.

If you’re reading about this type of profiling and think this is relegated to just Arizona, think again. Earlier today I caught this Ebro in the Morning interview with Shaun King. During the interview King cited the case Stinson vs The City of New York. In a $75,000,000 settlement in January 2017 The City of New York admitted to committing 900,000 false arrests over an 8 year period of time. In this time kids are missing school, going to Rikers, taking pleas, posting bond and being held in solitary confinement when no crime was committed. Keep in mind if on average just $500 was paid for bond in these cases that is $450,000,000. Fixing the madness involves following the money.

Footnote: The original image for this post was captured by Ross D. Franklin for the Associated Press and digitally altered by Rag Paper Media.


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