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Beychella On Top, And It Don’t Stop


Not sure how you levitate past “Lemonade”, but if anyone can do it Beyoncé can. Beyoncé at Coachella also known as Beychella is her most grandiose performance to date. The show begins with dancers dressed in nefertiti bodysuits as Beyoncé appears dripping in her black panther best complete with killmonger colors. The set design had bleachers built to resemble a pyramid. There was a brass band on stage, picture a black college marching band swinging and swaying with the dancers in unison. There were special appearances by Jay-Z, Les Twins, Solange and Destiny’s Child. And, if all of that wasn’t enough, queue the step show and sing The Black National Anthem (Lift Every Voice And Sing)! Look, I don’t know who Mrs. Carter thinks she is but damnit she can be whoever she wants after that performance. Slay Everyday!

If the first paragraph wasn’t evidence enough, this is a full on Beyoncé praise fest full in effect and we are not sorry. Search the hashtag Beychella on Twitter or Instagram and the fan reactions are solid across platforms. You can even catch singer Adele dancing while watching the iconic performance on instagram. If you missed it or fell asleep because it didn’t end til well past midnight on the east coast there is a link on our Twitter with the full performance (the link was shutdown). We have no doubt that the only person who can out Beyoncé Beyoncé is Beyoncé .

Last night’s legendary performance is a lesson to us all that it’s not enough to have talent. We must sharpen our skills and become increasingly better as the years roll by. Beychella was the product of over 30 years of blood sweat and tears. This Thursday we will tune into The Read Podcast knowing full well that “This Week In Black Excellence” will spotlight Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. And we will gleefully relive every highlight.

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