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American Horror Story

Imagine living in a world with it’s own unique culture and community and having to leave the only home you’ve ever known because of terrorism. That is the cliff notes version of why men, women, and an extraordinary number of children are seeking asylum and refuge at the southern border of The United States Of America. You will hear news and media outlets refer to them as migrants or immigrants as if they weren’t people just like “us”. You will hear them referred to as illegals and foreigners as if they don’t breathe and walk and talk just like “us”. You will see wordsmiths paint them as murderers, rapists and criminals as if they don’t hold their babies just like “us”. It’s “The Underground Railroad”, it’s “Concentration Camps”, they are “US”.

America was built and continues to be built on the backs of people of color, but there’s no love in the heart for city kids who continue to survive against all odds. Hurricane Katrina happened to the black and poor of New Orleans and a delayed reaction by the U.S. Government resulted in thousands of unnecessary lives lost. Residential Schools happened to native children ripped from their culture, hair cut, and indoctrinated into a program designed to assimilate them into white culture. Internment Camps happened to 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Japanese Americans who were stripped away from their homes and business and warehoused like animals.

What’s happening at the U.S. Border is as American as backyard barbecues during The Fourth Of July. Overcrowded cells, no hygiene products, reports of women detainees being forced to drink from the toilet and multiple children dying in custody should be all of our concern. This Is A Real American Horror Story in the year 2019. If we blindfold our eyes to their suffering don’t be surprised when they turn up their noise canceling headphones to drown out our screams.

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