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Accidentally On Purpose

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Until last night I never went to a concert accidentally on purpose. I was doing research to find out who did the cover art to The Never Story by JID. I was one of those weird ass teenagers that read liner notes, don’t judge me. Couldn’t find it sifting through articles so I went on JID’s IG for it and saw the concert flyer. I was like damn that’s today. So I bought my ticket and the rest is a cloud in the sky of that stuff I can’t puff.

The direct translation of El Club is The Club. Yesterday felt like slipping down a rabbit hole into an episode of Atlanta. Like Ern I hate the club, there’s usually a whole lot of imposter type shit going on at a club at any given time, especially in Detroit. I came to cover the Never Had Shit Tour.

It rained extra hard for hours before the show. When I arrived, the rain slowed to a mist and there was a line that wrapped around the building. In this line there were black and white, young and old, flannels and fishnets, and Timberlands and stilettos. It’s the type of group that formed during the Wu-Tang/Rage Against the Machine Tour. So outside the club there’s this person trying to run some type of scam with a few people in line. I say person because it was dark and it could’ve been a lady with a deep voice or a dude with a light voice. Long story short, couple walks by, scammer compliments woman, boyfriend says wtf did you say, scammer apologizes and diffused the situation. As this was going on, the people in this part of the line, myself included, had the O Shit face. It was hilarious.

The DJs music was bumping as I entered the club. Stage to the left of me, bar to my right, no drama in sight. Lute, Chaz French, Earthgang, and JID put on a phenomenal show. The concert was high energy, beats and bars for days, the crowd participation of the 2017 Howard Homecoming and I almost missed it. The concert was late as hell, but well worth the bail (just kidding 😉).


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